Emile Chouriet Horse of Success

— The symbol of success and strength.

The horse symbolises success and strength. In 2014, Emile Chouriet presents its second Rolex Replica watches decorated with a sign from the Chinese calendar, the “Horse of Success“.

The style of the Fake Watches consists of a simple unadorned and understated design, as embodied by the life of a wild horse.

Horse of Success Ref. 08.1168.G39.6.4.2H.1
© Emile Chouriet


The horse is in 18k pink gold carved in relief at the center of the white and grey dial. The Omega Replica watches case reveals the hallmarks of the brand, the double horns. The Emile Chouriet “Horse of Success“, fitted with an automatic movement, is produced in a limited edition of only 99 pieces.


Horse of Success Ref. 08.1168.G39.6.4.6H.1
© Emile Chouriet Replica Watches UK