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— A surge in activity as the Cheap Rolex Replica watchmakers return to their benches and the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix enters its second phase.

It is a bit of an anachronism in today’s world that many brands in the Swiss watchmaking industry still close down for a couple of weeks over the summer. Like any website, Worldtempus on the other hand is “always on” and has been preparing for the annual surge in activity that goes hand-in-hand with the end of the holidays.

Over the past couple of weeks, Worldtempus has clocked up hundreds of miles travelling as far afield as Lucerne, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle. Add two trips to Neuchâtel over the coming week and you can see that there will be plenty of news to catch up on over the next ten days on

But the biggest news in watchmaking this week came only a matter of hours ago, as the Breitling Replica watches pre-selected for this year’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix were announced. After presenting our own analysis of each category, we now publish a new section presenting the six Replica Watches UK in each category that go forward for the final vote.

In this section, you can take part in our independent Worldtempus prediction competition and see the results for each category at a glance, from today until 15th October 2014. And once you have chosen your favourite Swiss Replica Watches among all 72 candidates, click through to its dedicated page on Worldtempus to vote for it in the public prize of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix until 28th October 2014. Use your vote wisely!