Red Pointer UK Zenith El Primero 36’000 VpH Classic Car Copy Watches

With the incomparable precision and performance, a legendary copy Zenith El Primero movement is the symbol of top mechanical process and that display the beauty of eternal refined.To pursue elegant antique Car enthusiasts, the fake grey dial Zenith El Primero 36 ‘000 VpH Classic Car watch has equipped with 42 mm diameter of mist stainless steel watchcase, groove type crown and two radio buttons.

leather strap Zenith El Primero 36’000 VpH Classic Car copy watchesCarbon grey dial appears the surface modification, “movement”  with the classic color and using the light grey, blue, and carbon black and jointly build a strength is very elegant and unique appearance. Around the dial there is a speed measuring scale and meticulous red second hand with luminous time scale on the replica leather strap Zenith and facet Pointers and bring the iconic display the effect that make the finishing point.

red pointer Zenith El Primero 36’000 VpH Classic Car replica

Under the watchcase, precise and powerful drive faint rattling: El Primero 400 b on the automatic movement at the incredible speed at which the vibration of 36000 times per hour, the timing precision to 1/10th of a second. The integrated type guiding the pin wheel mechanical structures from true force legendary movement series that launched in 1969, when it is currently the world’s most precise production timing movement.