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— Superstitious ? No way ! And yet, let’s be honest, we often prefer walking around the other side of the ladder rather than under it, keeping away from black cats, being careful not to shatter mirrors or making a point of not opening our umbrellas inside. So, superstition or not, to ward off seven years’ bad luck, what harm could there by in slipping a lucky charm replica watches UK onto the wrist ? A look at the details of the charms, amulets and other precious gris-gris that, in addition to bringing you luck, will give you the exact time.


Spotting a spider on a wall is supposed to be a lucky sign, so how about on the wrist ? Actress Natalie Portman, who certainly seems to be living a charmed life, has placed the spider motif at the heart of the RM 19-01 created in partnership with Richard Mille. Somewhere between mystery and fascination, the predatory insect spreads its feet on a diamond-studded checkered pattern created using a clever combination of intertwined

lines. One could quite happily get caught up in the web of this 20-piece limited edition tourbillon.


RM 19-01.
© Richard Mille Swiss replica watches



No need to wait for springtime to question the flowers regarding the object of our desire. The number one game of lovers’ superstition, plucking the petals of the daisy is a small pleasure that can now be enjoyed year-round. Christophe Claret’s romantic and ingenious Margot fake watches UK reproduces nature’s little surprises thanks to an innovative system which, at a simple press of a button on the side of the case, makes one or two petals disappear

to the sound of a pleasant chime. The message is therefore displayed randomly. The game of “he loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not” offers a far greater variety in French (“un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie, pas du tout”) and if the result is not

what you wanted, just start all over !


© Christophe Claret Cheap Replica Watches


DeWitt adopts a powerful lucky symbol to adorn the dial of Alma, the Manufacture’s second collection entirely devoted to women. The dainty horseshoe framing the mother-of-pearl dial becomes even more precious when set with diamonds. Even those who

deny all susceptibility to superstition will fall under the spell of this distinguished and refined lucky charm breitling replica watches. So if you feel putting a horseshoe above your door appears somewhat tasteless, wearing this lucky charm on your wrist might also work to avert

evil… with the added bonus of pleasing elegance.


© DeWitt



It is regarded as a sacred number. The seven days of Creation, the seven Chakras, the seven wonders of the world… And, with the Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie cheap replica watch, come Chopard’s seven moving diamonds. Housed between two sapphire crystals, they twirl in a free-spirited choreography on a diamond paved dance floor. Equipped with an L.U.C 02.16-L movement produced by Chopard Manufacture, this 42 mm-diameter gem

displays the time with extreme reliability. And that is definitely not a question of luck !


Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie.
© Chopard Cheap Replica Watches


A symbol of good luck, balance and perfection in China, the number 8 has also asserted itself as a cornerstone of Jaquet Droz aesthetics since the Age of the Enlightenment. Simultaneously chic and relaxed, the Lady 8 reinterprets this code through a modern, uncluttered design. The rotating ball adorning the top of the case is made of black ceramic. Both this element and the upper portion of the case are surrounded by diamonds. With this emblem of infinity on the wrist, the wearer can revel in the endless fascination of time and its passing.


Lady 8.
©Replica Jaquet Droz Watches


While Louis Vuitton’s Monogram motif is not a four-leaf clover, it certainly strongly resembles one. In addition to admiring this precious, delicate object that combines fine diamond setting with tone-on-tone engraved mother-of-pearl, it intuitively creates an impression of bringing good luck. And if by some twist of fate that doesn’t happen, this 30 mm Dentelle de Monogram Swiss replica watches showcased by a rivière-style diamond-set bracelet, certainly has the power to transform us into a princess. A combination of magic and bewitching elegance…


Dentelle de Monogram.
© Louis Vuitton

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